How to Reach Us


By Underground/Tube

Clo­se­st under­ground sta­tion is Linea A Otta­via­no.

After exi­ting the sta­tion, walk south along Via Otta­via­no for about 300 metres fol­lo­wing the signs to St Peter’s Basi­li­ca (Basi­li­ca di S. Pie­tro) until you reach Piaz­za Risor­gi­men­to. Having cros­sed the squa­re, the Vati­can City’s walls will then be on your right. Con­ti­nue in the same direc­tion along Via Por­ta Ange­li­ca towards St. Peter’s colon­na­de and Bor­go Vit­to­rio is the third street on your left. Walk a fur­ther 200 meters along Bor­go Vit­to­rio cros­sing Via Masche­ri­no, then Via del Fal­co and num­ber 91 is the ochre colou­red palaz­zo on the left.

By car

Sat Nav Coor­di­na­tes: N 41.904329; E 12.4580653;

From the Gran­de Rac­cor­do Anu­la­re take Exit n.1 Via Aure­lia towards Cit­tà del Vaticano/S.Pietro. When in Piaz­za Risor­gi­men­to, a lar­ge squa­re next to the Vati­can Walls, take Via Ste­fa­no Por­ca­ri and con­ti­nue on for about 80 meters, taking a right turn on an S-sha­ped cros­sing with Via Plau­to, just after the petrol sta­tion and befo­re a flo­wer kio­sk. At the second inter­sec­tion bet­ween Via Plau­to and Bor­go Vit­to­rio, turn right and B&B Roma Borgo91 is on the right hand side of the road at num­ber 91, in the ochre colou­red buil­ding few steps away.

NOTENo spe­cial ZTL (Restric­ted Traf­fic Area) per­mit is nee­ded to reach Roma Borgo91.


By Train

Rome Ter­mi­ni Rail­way Sta­tion: Take Metro A line towards Bat­ti­sti­ni up to Ottaviano/S. Pie­tro sta­tion.

Rome Tibur­ti­na Rail­way Sta­tion: Take Metro B line towards Lau­ren­ti­na up to Ter­mi­ni sta­tion. Chan­ge on to the Metro A line, towards Bat­ti­sti­ni up to  sta­tion. Alter­na­ti­ve­ly take bus line 492 and get off at Crescenzio/Risorgimento.

Roma Ostien­se Rail­way sta­tion: Fol­low signs to Metro B sta­tion Pira­mi­de. Take Metro B towards Rebib­bia or Ionio up to Ter­mi­ni. Chan­ge to Metro A towards Bat­ti­sti­ni up to Otta­via­no.

By Plane

Fiu­mi­ci­no Leo­nar­do da Vin­ci Air­port: from Fiu­mi­ci­no Air­port Rail­way Sta­tion, which is acces­si­ble from the arri­vals ter­mi­nal, take the Leo­nar­do Express train to Rome Ter­mi­ni Rail­way Sta­tion and upon arri­val, either take bus line 40 Express up to ter­mi­nus,  or take the Metro A line towards Bat­ti­sti­ni and get off at Otta­via­no sta­tion.

Ciam­pi­no Air­port: take a bus from outsi­de the air­port arri­vals ter­mi­nal direct to Rome Ter­mi­ni Rail­way Sta­tion. Note, tic­ke­ts are sold insi­de the air­port in the arri­vals area and not on the bus. At Ter­mi­ni, either take bus line 40 Express up to ter­mi­nus,  or take the Metro A line towards Bat­ti­sti­ni and get off at Otta­via­no sta­tion.


By Public Taxi

A taxi from Rome Fiu­mi­ci­no Air­port to B&B Roma Borgo91 has a fixed cost of € 48.

From Roma Ciam­pi­no Air­port, the taxi fare is fixed at € 30

From Roma Ter­mi­ni Rail­way Sta­tion taxi will cost € 15/20.

Sup­ple­men­ta­ry tariffs may apply. We advi­se you to check with your dri­ver befo­re your jour­ney.

Impor­tant: Plea­se only tra­vel with Roman licen­sed taxis which are whi­te and car­ry a taxi sign on the roof of the vehi­cle. Unli­cen­sed taxi do ope­ra­te around all major throu­gh­fa­res and may be dan­ge­rous or extre­me­ly expen­si­ve.

Private Taxi Hire

We can arran­ge at affor­da­ble rate for a licen­sed pri­va­te taxi firm to meet your tra­vel needs on rou­te to and from the air­ports, from Civi­ta­vec­chia Port and/or for tra­vel during your stay in Rome by prior arran­ge­ment with us. This is usual­ly chea­per than the City’s licen­sed taxis.

Plea­se reque­st more infor­ma­tion or a quo­ta­tion for this ser­vi­ce.